The frenzy the controversial Tumblr dress had cause has been took advantaged by fashion and beauty brands to promote their products.

Here are some of the famous brands who jump on the bandwagon:
A Tumblr user with the username swiked posted a photo of a dress which seems to be blue with some gold (or more likely to be brown) laces and undergarment.

She posted it with a caption "guys please help me - is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking the fuck out."
Photo by swiked

Many people would answer 1) blue and black, some say 2) white and gold and others, 3) blue and gold. For me, I would vote for blue and gold. How about you?

I started to freak out when I asked others because they say it has colors of white and gold. What?! I think I'm going crazy now.

Anyway, I created a palette via using the photo of the dress and posted it on my Tumblr account.
Another blessing has pour down on Daniel Padilla as he was nominated in the Favorite Asian Act category of Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards (KCA) 2015.

The Teen King and leading man of the upcoming movie 'Crazy Beautiful You' is among the nominees in the said category along with Indonesian girl group JKT48, Malaysian YouTube sensation Jinnyboy, and Singaporean actor Tosh Zhang.

As winners will be determined through online voting, the Kathniel fans and supporters are encouraged to vote

You can vote as many times as you like so keep voting for Daniel Padilla! Voting closes on March 28 so vote now! 

According to
the KCA this year will be held on March 28 at Forum in Inglewood, California and will be hosted by former Jonas Brothers member Nick Jonas.

The awards show will be televised in the Philippines via the Nickelodeon cable channel on March 30.
You’re looking for an online recipe and it states that everything will be done in a matter of 45 minutes. You followed everything in the recipe but you ended up spending an hour or two. That’s totally frustrating especially if you’re guests are already in and you’re still not done with the cooking. The thing is, the person who actually wrote the recipe knew some kitchen hacks to minimize the time spent in cooking. If that person know, then you should also know because kitchen hacks serves a great help especially to busy moms out there. Here are some of the most fascinating kitchen hacks you probably didn’t know.

1. Bacon in Oven
Burnt or crumbly, that is basically the result if you fry your bacon. But if you use oven as the means to cook, then you will have an evenly and properly cooked bacon which will eventually taste better. If you go to restaurants, they will serve this kind of bacon to you. Restaurant chefs are actually using oven to cook bacon that’s the reason why their bacon looks perfectly delicious.

2. Faster Way To Soften Butter
Let’s just say that you forgot to unfreeze the butter that you’re going to use for the party. That’s such a common kitchen scenario. Not everyone knows that there’s a faster way to soften butter just for a few minutes. Here’s the trick: Get a glass and heat it up for a few minutes, you can either put it in a hot water or put it in the microwave, anything would do. After that, cover the butter using the glass and presto! You can have a melting butter in a matter of minutes.

3. Peeling Oranges
Oranges are delicious fruits which are bundled with vitamins, especially Vitamin C. Because of that, oranges are consumed with people having colds, flu and a lot more. But if you just like to eating oranges, you certainly need to know this hack. Peeling oranges is just hard and time-consuming not unless you know this trick. Slice a thin part from both sides of an orange. After doing so, cut a perpendicular line but don’t cross it all the way. Open the orange. It will create a long strip and you can now grab each slice with ease.

4. Easily Get Eggshells From The Bowl
Another common scenario in the kitchen. You try to cook egg or you’re preparing to bake something. When you crack the egg open, some eggshells wen to the bowl. Now, you’re starting to get annoying but don’t be. There’s a very easy hack you certainly need to know on how to remove those eggshells. Just pour some water to your fingers and get the eggshells. Your problem is solved!

5. Peel Garlic in Seconds
Get a container and put the garlic inside. Shake it really hard and after a matter of seconds, open the container and there you’ll see garlic skins separated from its cloves.

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Are you looking for a babysitter? You should meet Charlie, he is the best in town. But wait, he is not a human being, he is a dog that acts like a real human baby sitter. 
He knows how to play the keyboard as a lullaby for the baby, he knows how to change the traffic lights so they can pass through the busy streets, he knows how to offer blanket for the baby and he even knows how to swing the cradle. Most especially, he knows how to love and assist the baby. He is the perfect baby sitter, right?
Oh! She sings like a pro. She even sings like Sarah Geronimo. This beautiful lady singing "Forever's Not Enough" by Sarah Geronimo is simply amazing! She sings from the heart and to think that she’s sitting inside the tricycle while singing is absolutely incredible.
There are really a lot of talented people across the world and Filipinos have tons of it. You just can’t deny it after watching the video. The location is quite unique but the voice is undeniably amazing, right?

Update: The girl's name is Kulin Faye Lopez, a student of New Era University. The video uploader is Ignicris Lumidao, the owner of the tricycle with free wifi and free videoke.
Friends, classmates, girlfriends, boyfriends, they all come and go. But your family will remain beside you through good times and bad times. They will always help you stand amidst the trials in life. But sad to say, not all people appreciate the importance of their family. In this video, you will be reminded that your family will stick around with you during the tough times of your lives and celebrate with you for your success. Love your family before it’s too late.
Introducing music to your children as early as possible is one great way of shaping them to the right path in life.  These kids were taught earlier that’s why they are doing great now. This is a music video of Masagwa by Black Finger Please, the so-called name of the band. You can see that they are enjoying so much as if they were just playing around. You certainly need to see how these kids play with musical instrument and sing the song almost perfectly.
People with strong hearts are just fascinating. Most people are afraid of highs so seeing some who are not is just incredible. In this video, you will see a totally amazing dance moves by these two people. But hey! This is no ordinary! They did it thousand miles above the ground. They seemed to be enjoying so much that they were able to perfect each stunt. It’s as if they are doing it in the ground, but you’ll see that they had a great view of everything below. You should see the video now and be amazed!