The other day, I have seen on my news feed via Philippine Concerts page that A Rocket to the Moon (ARTTM) is going to play at the Bazooka Rocks event. I had this feeling that I wanted to see the band who performed "Like We Used To" which is one of the most lingering songs in my head. I thought that I would not be able to go because of the business trips of my husband.

When I had come to know last night that The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (my favorite band) is here for the 2nd Bazooka Rocks Festival, I was even more excited to tell my husband because it should be the second time we would see the band (the first was on March 7, 2009 at Glorietta). I was like "OMG"! Unfortunately *insert sad face*, he didn't read my text message because he was soaked under the heavy rain travelling for 3 hours and got home at 11pm. He got tired and sick which means we can't attend the music festival. And if ever he is not sick, we still can't go because: of the weather, the venue is almost 2-hour ride and he'll be going to repair some parts of his motorcycle.

The line up is amazing, every band is awesome. Maybe someday, I'll finally see them all.

To feel the spirit of rock music, I will just stay at home and have an emo rock sound trip.

Event: BAZOOKA ROCKS II Festival! *Bazooka Rocks - The Philippines' First Indoor Rock Festival
Date: 10am, August 25 Sunday
Venue: SMX Convention Center
*Photos were grabbed from ohteenquotes and odysseylive.

~ Rockbleeder

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