Emo kid - that is what they say. That is what they call people like me. I've been always a loner  who loves to skate and play guitar. I love to wear black clothes - black skinny jeans, black boyfriend shirt, black Converse sneakers and black accessories. I seldom go out but when I do, I usually attend music festivals with my skateboard with me. Some people understand me, some people don't. I admit, I love people who listen to music like alternative rock, pop-punk, punk rock, pop rock, emo rock and I am always easily get fascinated with people who wear black.

So yeah, the story revolves around my emo life, music and skateboarding and everything black - a drama and an adventure movie.

If you gonna watch my movie, I'll assure you'll really love it and your cinema moments would even more perfect with Kettle Korn! Kettle Korn makes watching movies poppin’ fun all time! Kettle Korn uses only the finest quality of popping corn. It's sweet-and-salty taste makes it even more tempting. Every bite worth it! Go grab some! 

Entry to Kettle Korn’s Poppin Fun’ “Fast & Furious 6” Movie Screening Contest by Nuffnang Ph and Kettle Korn

~ Rockbleeder

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