Yesterday, we traveled from Laguna to Monumento, Caloocan City. It was a 3-hour ride. My husband took Daang Hari Road, San Pedro, Laguna instead of passing through Muntinlupa. It was a jumpy ride because he was so reckless and the road is so steep. I didn't able to enjoy the beautiful scenery because I was clinging at his back, so afraid that we would meet an accident. He’s like a drag racer. When we were already reached Espana, I was so happy because we were getting near to the place. We continued to ride until we were so shocked that we were already trudging the road going to NLEX! It was really an OMG moment. But my husband managed to go to the outpost and surrender.

We were investigated why we braved to ride on expressway. We reasoned out that we were lost and we were so hasty to reach our purpose that we never realized that we rode on the wrong way. A 23-year old rider husband and his wife were being caught or should I say surrendered because of unconsciously violating a rule. Ignorance of the law excuses no one, yeah, I know but the traffic enforcer understood our situation riding for 3 hours from Laguna, so exhausted and bewildered couple who were lost in the middle of NLEX (North Luzon Expressway). We turned the wrong way. We would never dare to ride there because we know that our MC is not qualified and it’s so dangerous for a 200cc motorcycle to get through the expressway. It was really an embarrassing moment but an adventurous one, too. I can’t keep myself from smiling everytime I remember about that moment when my husband was so eager to reach the place while we’re in between big trucks and buses. It was like a Bourne Legacy scene. I love that movie but I should blame it for inspiring my husband to buy a motard motorcycle.

I can conclude that hastiness doesn’t give you positive outcome, it makes things worse.

~ Rockbleeder

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