This is an open manhole seen infront of (near) Schenker Philippines, Inc. at Sucat, Parañaque City, Philippines. It was December 2011 when I and my husband encountered this manhole while riding in my husband's motorcycle. The time we passed on the manhole, he exclaimed, "Ooops, have you seen that? It's an open manhole!" 

I was clueless because I was at the back and didn't see it. I didn't believe him. I told him maybe it wasn't open and he was just hallucinating. The road and the nearby buildings and even the part of Skyway near it were so dark. The streetlights were not enough to light the area considering the fact that there was an open manhole and we were only riding a Yamaha Nouvo Z which has wheels that can fit inside the manhole. I shivered thinking what might have happened if my husband didn't notice the manhole. I was panicking but I didn't let my husband know about it. He then turned the motorcycle around and stopped on the sidewalk near the manhole. He let me bring the camera out and told me to take photos of it.

We reported it to MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) Facebook fanpage but they told us to report it to DPWH. The week after the incident, we still noticed the manhole like what we saw before. The next week after, when we went to Manila, I was so grateful because the manhole was already covered and firmly closed. I hope they won't steal the cover again - that was some saying, some undisciplined people steal manhole covers and sell them to junkshop.

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