We had a busy week but we are so glad we had finally meet our goals for the week. So let's check them out:

  1. We had contracted our family carpenter for a week so he finished three computer shelves with 4 tables each of the two and 3 tables for the last shelf
  2. A dream hanging cabinet for our computer server has been realized
  3. Three new computer sets were added to the existing computers
  4. The three hanging cabinets in our old kitchen has been removed
  5. The three cabinets had been cleaned and restored
  6. The three cabinets had been transferred and place in our new kitchen
  7. Half of the kitchen wares and stuff  were already cleaned and transferred to our new kitchen
  8. Half of the room beside our bedroom had been cleaned
  9. New DIYs out of plastic soft drink bottles had been discovered and made
  10. Had already handed the old clothes organizer to my sister-in-law

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